We can sometimes run ahead of time so please book jobs at least a day before if possible.

Moving Art Schedule

Please take a little time to read this as there are two main vehicles working together. Once that is understood the run timetable is easier to understand.

This run schedule can change slightly from time to time so we recommend placing your bookings in advance if possible.


The Melbourne based vehicle now leaves Melbourne on a Tuesday to meet the East Coast vehicle. East Coast vehicle collects from the Melbourne vehicle and returns to Sydney and Brisbane. Its like a relay race but for your art work!


In effect, all pickups are carried out on the same days for both Sydney and Melbourne. Those days are Monday and Tuesday morning every fortnight.

Both vehicles usually depart Melbourne and Sydney late morning/early afternoon on the Tuesday. and return from whence they came later in the week to promptly deliver your artwork.


On the alternate week, the Melbourne vehicle goes to Adelaide from Monday to Thursday and the East Coast vehicle delivers to Byron area, Gold coast, Brisbane and Noosa on a Wednesday/Thursday.


These two vehicles operate together. One that covers Noosa, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron, Sydney and Canberra.


The vehicle that covers Adelaide to Melbourne including Geelong, Great Ocean Road, Daylesford, Mildura and Broken Hill.  This vehicle is the Melbourne based vehicle. It is available in Melbourne all the time for local deliveries as well as collecting all deliveries for Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.


Next collections in Byron Area, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Every two weeks

Wednesday 9th Feb/Thursday 10th Feb

(This is the first trip of the year.)

East Coast Vehicle and Melbourne Vehicle run schedule for next 2 weeks ( However there will be a three week gap between  the first and second trip of this year)

There are two vehicles working together. They meet in Sydney and jobs are transferred there to continue  the journey.

Every two weeks>

(This is the first trip of the year.) The Adelaide trip will most likely be covered in this  period. Please let us know if this will pose a problem.

Monday 24th Jan

Monday 14th Feb Next trip

.East coast Vehicle departing Iluka NNSW for Sydney

Melbourne vehicle Collecting in Melbourne


Tuesday 25th Jan

Tuesday 15th Feb next trip

East Coast Vehicle collecting and delivering in Sydney Then departing for The ACT ( We will also be sending a van along the South Coast )

Melbourne Vehicle collecting in Melbourne


Wednesday  26th Jan

Wednesday 16th Feb

East Cost vehicle traveling to Melbourne

Melbourne vehicle collecting and delivering in Melbourne then departing for Adelaide


Thursday 27th Jan

Thursday 17th Feb

East Coast Vehicle Delivering into Melbourne

Melbourne vehicle delivering and collecting in Adelaide.



Friday 28th Jan

Friday  18th Feb

East Coast Vehicle departs Melbourne for Sydney

Melbourne Vehicle Traveling Back into Melbourne delivering works from SA

Melbourne Vehicles Adelaide run Schedule

Every 4 weeks

(This is the FIRST trip of the year and may have to be brought forward to 26th Jan to the 28th Jan please let us know if this will pose a problem.

Wednesday 26th Jan

Collect  in Melbourne and depart for Adelaide


Thursday 27th Jan

Deliver and collect in Adelaide

Friday 28th Jan

Depart Adelaide for Melbourne Via Bendigo

Saturday 29th Jan

Delivering into Melbourne